• Isaiah Bermejo


Today’s the day! Actually no it’s not, cause our not so secret lair has been taken over for today.

(just some renovations I'm exaggerating)

( When you can't go to the studio ^^^)

Alex gave us a sound bath today..yeah that's right he bathed us with sound. It was definitely a wonderful experience and cause me to enter memory lane. The sound bath definitely helped me defeat some bad memories dragon slayer style.

The whole gang went to go visit Cern today in long island city.

( Cern did the fooshie mural at Cityas ^^^)

If you ever go to long Island City you will see his work..I'm not kidding it's covering a whole building!

He said his work is for the people of the neighborhood to enjoy more than anything else.

We went to the rooftop and I caught the most beautiful view I've ever seen in my 18 years of living.

(yes I know that's not saying much)

Cern also let us inside his studio so we could see the OG fooshie and more.I


MAD Academy @ City-As-School 2017

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